November 14, 2022

Wireless Solutions

Deploying Wireless Networks


Our Certified Wireless Experts offer their First-Class Experience in the field to Deploy, Configure and Maintain a Secure Wireless Infrastructure for your Business. We offer a comprehensive set of services that guarantees low latency, high throughput, optimized wireless networking solutions to keep your business network operating as efficiently as possible.

Every environment is unique and requires a customized implementation in order to guarantee unfettered access to your company data. We understand your information is valuable and so do the myriad of malicious actors, therefore our solutions emphasize not only Speed but also Security. Our Cyber Ops teams evaluate all of our pre-deployment implementations and apply all appropriate Security Protocols to every network that our architects construct.

The following services are included with every wireless network we install:

  • Spectrum Survey and Analysis
  • Efficient Access Point Placement
  • Pre-Screen Requirement Consultation
  • Bandwidth and Channel Optimization
  • Security Protocol Implementation

If your wireless network has already been deployed and you are unsatisfied with your wireless performance, we offer our exclusive Wireless Throughput Optimization solution. The Majority of wireless networks are poorly implemented by unqualified installers which causes wireless communications to lag and decreases speed throughput throughout the entire network.

Contact IXSXI for a Wireless Throughput Optimization consultation. Results guaranteed or our consultion is free.

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