November 14, 2022

Network Architecture, Engineering & Deployment Solutions

Certified Professionals

Your Organization deserves the best. IXSXI Architects and Engineers hold Prestigious Certifications that are complemented by years of real world experience. This combination of expertise provides your Enterprise with the confidence in knowing that the rollout of your network will be executed in an efficient and effective manor, ensuring security and value to your business technology requirements.

Network Architecture

Network Implementations are carefully planned by our Architects, utilizing cutting edge technology and sophisticated methods that mirror the mission critical operation requirements that keep our business partners at the forefront of their respective fields. Proper planning and Implementing of an effective network is critical to ensure seamless business operations.

Network Deployments

IXSXI offers a Holistic approach for end-to-end solutions in Network Deployments. Our multi-phase deployment approach allow us to evaluate operations during each scheduled phase of the rollout to ensure each step is being properly executed. Our Engineers research your specific IT requirements to determine proper resource allocation as well as network and hardware requirements, to provide you with a innovative, cost-effective solution, guaranteeing that the operation of your IT infrastructure surpasses user expectations.

Cloud Based Services

With increasing advances in IT innovation, integrating cloud-based services can be a cost-effective solution for your network environment. The benefits of allocating resources to the cloud can greatly reduce the upfront, as well as successive operating costs, ensuring you have access to cutting edge applications and services without any compromises being made due to budget constraints. IXSXI network consultants can help guide our partners to decide the best proportion of LAN and cloud based solutions.

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